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Who i am

I have a degree in forestry from the University of Florence. I come from a family of florists and after
graduation, matured first experiences in the field of ornamental greenery, in several important nurseries in
Tuscany. Later, I complete my training in Barcelona, Spain, where I participate in a Master's degree in
landscape at the Politechnic University of Catalonia. It is always in Spain where I professionalize working
between companies of realization gardens and landscape studies for more than 6 years. In 2012 I have
decided to move to my born town, where I carry out the profession, designing gardens for clients in
Tuscany and all around.

My gardens

I like to create gardens with passion. That's what interests me the most. Large or small, they must be able
to excite and be welcoming. There are no predefined styles to refer to. The strength and essentiality of the
Tuscan landscape that I carry, combined with the colors and modernity of the Catalan capital in which I
lived, make me opt for solutions capable of combining the classic with the modern, the natural with the

Compromised with the landscape

The garden is often foreshadowed as the natural extension of the dwelling to the outside, towards a
landscape that surrounds it and that often, with its historical and cultural characteristics, imposes its
strength. I am able to create a respectful space with the location, without sacrificing to explore innovative
solutions that meet current needs and the growing demand for highly sustainable spaces.

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